Modes - Endless Dungeon

In Endless Dungeon mode, the player chooses a team of 3 characters to navigate a dungeon with no end. Most levels involve navigating platforms and pits while dealing with squads of monsters in order to progress to the next level of the dungeon. A monster squadron with a key symbol attached to them will need to be defeated in order to unlock doors to the next level. When entering a new level, a Summoner's summons will not transition with them to the next level. Medical kits may be found in the dungeon's levels, as well, and will fully heal and revive the entire party.

Every 5 levels you will encounter a "boss battle" with an AI-controlled character, and they must be defeated to advance to the next level. When the boss battle is won, a prompt will appear allowing the player to save their Endless Dungeon progress. The player will also be fully healed and have their abilities and cooldowns reset, though this means Extremes will return to 0% and other "saved" bonuses such as Jimmy's free Vital Shots and Robyn's Combo Modifier will be reset, as well.

These boss battles will also alter depending on how far along the player is in the Endless Dungeon. Every 20 levels, the player will encounter 2 characters to battle at once rather than one. The AI of any boss characters is set to Easy when at level 24 or below, at Normal when at level 104 or below and at Hard for any level at 105 and beyond.

Every 5 levels the player advances, enemy health and damage will increase by 1% to a maximum of 1900% (causing their growth to cap when the player reaches level 9500 of the Endless Dungeon), for both bosses and monsters.

The player can also find items in the Endless Dungeon levels that boost their maximum health or damage output of their entire party by 1% for the duration of the dungeon, though up to only a maximum of 900%. Though this means the player will always be weaker overall in terms of growth than their enemies, these are still important to find in order to keep matched with boss battles, in particular. These health and damage boosts will also affect a Summoner character's summons, as well. Healing abilities grow stronger from health boosts rather than damage boosts. If the player comes across a health or damage boost item and they are already at the maximum 900% for that stat, the bonus item will be treated as a medical kit.

Developer's Take:

Endless Dungeon is a mode that provides procedurally generated levels, as well as containing both monsters and characters to fight for variety. Whether or not the player sticks around to fight the monsters that don't unlock the door to the next level is a matter of their team strategy. Characters who have Extremes that will be useful for the boss battles every 5 levels would do well to build up Extreme against these additional monsters. If the player is planning to ignore these early enemies and charge for the key squad, keep in mind that flying enemies will follow the player's character to the key squad and projectile enemies will likely be able to snipe from a distance, meaning it can get chaotic if the door to the next level is not unlocked quickly enough.

Level layout is something to watch out for, as well. A door to the next level with small platforms and pits can be to the player's advantage, especially if the area is overcrowded with monsters, as monsters are not too bright and will push each other off ledges in an attempt to get closer to the player's character (unlike AI-controlled enemy characters, who will try to dodge roll away from a ledge if the player comes close enough to push them). Medical kits and health/damage bonuses are often placed on very thin platforms that can often make them difficult to grab, and this can be risky if the player has to grab one of these items over a pit or when a number of monsters are around.


2 musics from each game were remixed for Endless Dungeon levels. Devil's Playground and Heavy Dungeon from The Demon Rush, Corporate Dungeon and Upbeat Dungeon from Skylight 1 (Corporate Dungeon was used for Skylight Freerange and Upbeat Dungeon for Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, as well), Cave and Light from Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent (Cave was also used for Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine), Lich Dungeon and Sentinel Dungeon from Skylight Freerange, and Cult Dungeon and Ceannduine Dungeon from Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine.