Characters - Erin

Class - Scout

Highest move speed and can set up chains of exploding barrels

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Erin can move 80% faster than most characters. Erin can use Field Tactics (her air dodge) by pressing the R button and the left button or right button while in midair

Erin has the highest movement speed of any character. Though Jimmy and Hans can match it while their Extremes are active, and John Socrates can match it while his Philosophy Drive Mode is set to Runningism, Erin always has this high speed. Her Shotgun is also very fast, and her Search and Barrel Chain abilities trigger instantly. Her aerial mobility is enhanced by making use of her air dodge, Field Tactics, as well.

Erin's Search ability causes her to drop an exploding Barrel into the field. Her exploding Barrels cannot be destroyed (unless her HP reaches 0 or they fall down a pit) and they cover a wide area with their explosions. Each Barrel placed is stronger than the last one (until they are triggered with Barrel Chain), dealing 4, 5, 6 or 7 damage and gaining 2, 3, 4 or 5 Extreme. Erin's Omniscience Extreme boosts her ability to area control, removing the cooldown on Search and causing her Barrels to explode for triple damage.

Developer's Take:

Erin has the overall highest mobility in Dragooned, with the highest move speed, as well as an air dodge that travels a considerable distance, all of which help her get through projectile swarms in Onslaught. Her Barrels are not overly powerful, but they can be used to help build Extreme and to try and force enemy characters to block or dodge the explosion so Erin can close the distance and attack with her Shotgun, which has good damage and a high attack speed.

When Erin has access to her Omniscience Extreme, she can use her triple Barrel damage and no cooldowns for Search to continuously drop and explode Barrel Chains repeatedly in under a second each, causing incredibly high damage to a sizeable area for a very long period of time, so long as Erin keeps running back and forth dropping and exploding full Barrel Chains.