Characters - Tyler

Class - Vigilante

Powers up when suffering damage and has no cooldown abilities

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Tyler can move 25% faster than most characters. Tyler has the Reaction Strength ability, causing his next attack or attack combo to deal double damage and earn him double Extreme when he takes any damage

Tyler's punches and combos deal higher damage at their base than most other punch/combo characters, and his damage output is doubled while Reaction Strength is active and doubled again while his Free Lancer Extreme is active. His standard 3-hit punch combo deals 22 damage total normally, but with both Reaction Strength and Free Lancer active, it deals a whopping 88 damage.

Though Tyler's movement speed is higher than normal, he also has access to Air Assault, which is a quick aerial attack (and has invincibility frames to boot) and Roundhouse, which allows him to move while attacking. Though of low to average damage, they have solid range, making them ideal for more accurately making use of Reaction Strength (as Reaction Strength wears off even if the attack misses). Having no cooldown for these abilities allows Tyler to move around the field more easily, though Tyler will need to touch the ground to use Air Assault again (Tyler is invincible during Air Assault's attack frames).

Though Tyler's Reaction Strength is powerful, it also means he has to suffer damage to make use of it. While his Free Lancer Extreme does heal his HP fully (only 100 HP regardless if in Skirmish mode), Tyler is very slow to build up Extreme and Perfect Blocking is often faster than his attacks to do so, so be careful not to rely too heavily on Reaction Strength.

Developer's Take:

Tyler is Dragooned's most mobile attacker. Between Air Assault's rising attack and invincibility, Roundhouse's mobility and control and the fact that both of these abilities have no cooldown, Tyler can dive into a group of foes, deal damage and escape quickly. Tyler is particularly effective against other melee attackers, since he can often move into range, attack and escape before most enemies can respond.

If the enemy does successfully respond, it would be best to stop Air Assault and Roundhouse if possible and apply Reaction Strength to his basic punch combo for optimal use of Reaction Strength. Though his Free Lancer Extreme will fully heal him, Tyler gains very little Extreme, so it is best to rely more on Air Assault and Roundhouse to keep changing position and crossing up his enemies rather than only trade blows and hope Free Lancer becomes available quickly.