Characters - Jimmy

Class - Necromancer

Uses energy of defeated enemies for healing projectiles

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Jimmy can move 25% faster than most characters. Jimmy also gains free Vital Shots for any character, summoned entity or monster having their HP reach 0 anywhere on the battlefield

Jimmy's Vital Shot projectile is a major part of his playstyle, with his Beyond Eternity Extreme requiring no cooldown or uses from him and defeated characters or entities providing Jimmy with free Vital Shot projectiles while he is on the field at the time of their demise.

Jimmy's Vital Shot heals him for 5 HP if the projectile makes contact with an enemy entity. While Beyond Eternity is active, Jimmy not only has access to unlimited Vital Shots at no cooldown (as well as not having any current free Vital Shots be used up), but Jimmy receives double healing from his Vital Shots, allowing him to fire many Vital Shots to quickly heal himself.

By default, Jimmy is already faster than a number of characters for move speed and has Twister for added mobility. When Beyond Eternity is active, Jimmy's 25% movement speed boost becomes 80% and his Katar attacks all come out much faster.

Developer's Take:

Jimmy relies quite heavily on his Vital Shot for damage and healing from a safe distance. However, it gains him little Extreme overall, and even if playing Endless Dungeon or Onslaught and gaining plenty of free Vital Shots off of monsters, those free Vital Shots can run out quickly if combat gets too heavy. Jimmy's Katar attacks gain him more Extreme than Vital Shot and Twister and should not be neglected.

When Jimmy gains his Beyond Eternity Extreme, it might be tempting to unload nothing but powered up Vital Shots from a distance, but Jimmy's attack speed rises very heavily and his Katar attacks become incredibly fast allowing him to deal out considerable melee damage, and should be considered if Jimmy's health is high. Jimmy's Twister is not only handy for passing through melee enemies to reposition away from their assaults, but it can be used to go over a lot of projectile swarms in Onslaught if the height boosts for Twister are utilized.