Characters - Claire

Class - Infiltrator

Fastest overall attack speed combined with good move speed and enemy debuffs

Tags -

Claire can move 50% faster than most characters

Claire has the overall highest attack speed of all characters, and all of her attacks (standard Knife attacks, Throwing Knives, Throat Jab and Crimson Acrobat) come out and end very quickly and her Throwing Knives have no cooldown, allowing her to throw out as many as she wants quickly at different angles. Her movement speed is also very high.

However, most of her attacks only do an average of 5 damage, but she makes up for it for having a solid Extreme gain from her standard Knife attacks, especially given her high speed, which allows her to have more frequent access to her Crimson Acrobat Extreme, which stuns an enemy while dealing 56 damage total from 7 rapid slashes.

Claire's Throat Jab causes her target to suffer double damage while Claire gains double Extreme from all of her attacks that land on the enemy while Throat Jab is active (swapping in other characters does not net them double Extreme gain for attacking a Throat Jabbed enemy) and when combined with Crimson Acrobat, deals 112 damage total.

Developer's Take:

With the fastest attack speed overall in Dragooned and a very high move speed, Claire can close the gap quickly and land hits at high speed before a lot of characters can return the favour. Claire's standard attacks gain her Extreme quickly, and with Throat Jab doubling damage and Extreme gains, Claire can do a lot of damage up close in a short time and still have time to dodge away before receiving too much back.

Claire's Throwing Knives are fast and have no cooldown, but they are not much stronger than her standard attacks and gain her little Extreme. They make a great support tool for finishing off weakened enemies at a distance, but are not overly reliable for carrying combat, and is also why Claire is not labelled with the Projectile tag.