Characters - Cook

Class - Veteran

Fights simultaneously with fists and a controllable chakram

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Cook's entire playstyle revolves around his Frisblade projectile. While his standard attacks are enhanced by holding onto his Frisblade (20 damage and 5 Extreme per hit while holding the Frisblade compared to 12 damage and 3 Extreme per punch while it is out), his Frisblade is a piercing projectile that deals 15 damage and 8 Extreme per hit. Fatality can enhance this to 30 damage and 16 Extreme per hit while it is active, and Cook's Discus Doom Extreme triples the size of his Frisblade projectile.

While the Frisblade is out, pressing the square button and a direction will alter the trajectory of the Frisblade, allowing not only for the projectile's velocity to change, but resetting which enemies the projectile has hit, causing it to function as if it were a new projectile.

The only ways for the Frisblade to be removed from play are for it to come back into contact with Cook (unless Cook is either dodging or his Discus Doom Extreme is active), if Cook's HP reaches 0 or if Cook is swapped out for another character in Endless Dungeon or some Challenges. Swapping out Cook will also end Discus Doom if it is active.

Having Cook fight alongside his Frisblade presents some challenges. One would be not letting his Frisblade return to him by always needing to dodge as it approaches. This can be more of a challenge than at first glance, as his Frisblade is a piercing projectile and as such can go through walls and floors, making it hard to keep track of, especially when the Frisblade's trajectory keeps readjusting itself to aim for Cook's position when it flies too far away from him. An arrow appears over Cook while his Frisblade is out, showing the direction his Frisblade is currently positioned at.

Learning when to time punches can be tricky, as Cook is a slow attacker, which not only leaves him open to enemy attacks, but may not give enough time to dodge if his Frisblade is returning. As such, effectively combining punch attacks and his Frisblade can be tricky.

Finding the right timing to adjust Frisblade trajectory can be tricky, as well. One technique involves repeatedly changing the Frisblade's trajectory while over an enemy's position, constantly resetting what enemies the Frisblade has hit and therefore rapidly attacking the target for 15 damage per trajectory shift.

Developer's Take:

Cook can do a lot of damage while avoiding the same simply by throwing his Frisblade and dodging everywhere. There are times where his Frisblade should have its trajectory altered to reset who it hit and times where he should attack if an opportunity arises, though his punch attacks are quite slow, so finding ample opportunity can be difficult.

Repeatedly altering Cook's Frisblade's trajectory can be a very effective way to deal large damage in a short time at any distance, due to the Frisblade resetting and acting as a new projectile every time it changes trajectory, either manually by Cook or from flying too far away. Cook's Frisblade can be easy to lose, so refer to the white arrow over him to find out what direction it is currently located at.


Cook is one of two original playable characters (the other being Noah) whose playstyle differs heavily from their original game. In The Demon Rush, Cook was a powerhouse similar to Melissa or Alex, but in Dragooned, greater emphasis was put on his boomerang usage (though his standard attacks are still strong but slow).

Cook's class name of Veteran is taken from Melissa's class in Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, due to both its suitability for him and their similar playstyles from their original games.