Characters - Pound

Class - Dragon Wizard

Combines flight with projectiles that call spikes from the ground

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Pound is able to fly for 8 seconds if the circle button is pressed while in mid-air. Flight can be cancelled and re-triggered at any time in the air, but once the 8 seconds of flight run out, they can only be replenished by landing on the ground

Pound is able to fly and can do so for a total of 8 seconds, allowing him to launch Aura projectiles from a safe height. His Dual Claymore attacks are powerful but slow (18 damage per hit), but using flight close to the ground combined with landing lag cancelling can take up to half of its animation time away.

Pound's Aura projectiles are slow-moving piercing projectiles that deal 10 damage each, but his Magic Blast Extreme is a large area-of-effect around himself that deals 40 damage and creates 8 additional Aura projectiles.

Pound's Mindspike can only be triggered when he has an Aura projectile positioned above solid ground, and using Mindspike causes a spike to shoot out of the ground based on the Aura projectile's horizontal position. Mindspike can be triggered even if Pound is stunned, being knocked back or attacking, and this allows him to be able to attack an opponent with 3 abilities at once (Dual Claymores, Aura and Mindspike).

Since Pound's Magic Blast covers a large area around himself and creates 8 more Aura projectiles, this grants him more area control. Not only will the opponent have to work on avoiding 8 Aura projectiles (or 9 if Pound used Aura normally), but the opponent will also have to dodge 8 or 9 Mindspikes each second.

Developer's Take:

Pound excels at controlling high damage, mobile small areas of damage by combining his Dual Claymores, Aura and Mindspike. His Dual Claymores are slow, but do good damage with a solid hitbox size, and he can fly and attack simultaneously to help land a hit and avoid damage in kind. However, when Pound does not have an Aura available, he cannot call Mindspike, leaving him only with Dual Claymores and flight as tools. While you could fly up very high where a lot of enemies cannot reach you to wait out the Aura cooldowns, enemy characters will also have time for their cooldowns to end and monsters will fire their projectiles up towards Pound, so the time may be better spent fighting closer to the ground to build up Extreme quicker.

Pound's moderate Extreme gains will eventually reward him with a casting of his extraordinarily powerful Magic Blast, which not only unleashes a powerful large area attack, it also unleashes 8 Aura projectiles which in turn allow for 8 Mindspikes every second, covering very large areas on the ground and in the air. Any enemy unlucky enough to at Pound's position at the very start of Magic Blast will likely be hit by Magic Blast and the 8 Auras at once, which very few can survive. Be careful about using Magic Blast around Craig, whose projectile-destroying Redirect can be used frequently and will destroy Magic Blast, Aura and Mindspike. Bait him out with a lone Aura and waste his Redirect before using Magic Blast.


Pound's class name of "Dragon Wizard" is a campy one, but it came from Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine's in-universe "The Demon Rush Online" as a reference to Pound. Since Dragooned has no story mode, and Dragon Wizard was a brief and accurate (if silly) way to sum up Pound, the class name stuck.