Characters - Tara

Class - Mercenary

Exceptional offensive power against single targets

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Tara can move 25% faster than most characters

All of Tara's attacks deal at least 10 damage at their base, with some of her attacks dealing massive damage, such as Kill Chop dealing 50, her Hatchetwirl Extreme dealing 80 and her Backhand allowing for attacks to land and gaining her massive Extreme boosts.

Tara's Backhand inflicts 10 damage and Stun. Tara's standard attacks provide little boosts for Extreme, with the exceptions being her Heart Attack and Kill Chop abilities. Both of these provide a whopping 20 Extreme per hit, but Heart Attack, while quick, has high ending lag which leaves Tara vulnerable to follow-up attacks, and Kill Chop is very slow, once again leaving Tara open to damage and giving the opponent time to dodge.

This is where Backhand comes into play. Landing a Backhand gives Tara time to use Kill Chop or Heart Attack. Combining Backhand's Stun is important, as Heart Attack and Kill Chop also gain an additional 15 Extreme per hit if the target is Stunned, gaining Tara 35 Extreme with just one attack.

Keep in mind that Backhand has a very long cooldown (15 seconds), has a short range and airborne opponents still have aerial velocity if Tara stuns them while they are in the air, giving her less time to trigger these combos, and Tara has some reliance on Backhand for her playstyle.

Developer's Take:

Tara's Kill Chop and Heart Attack build up her Extreme quite quickly, but the problem is that those attacks are very slow, either for start-up (Kill Chop) or ending lag (Heart Attack). However, when Tara can connect these abilities off of her Backhand, she can deal massive damage and gain a lot of Extreme towards her fast, powerful, large-area Hatchtwirl (which also Stuns, so it is possible to sneak a Heart Attack in there for more Extreme afterward). If the player has really great timing with Tara's attacks, they can link a Backhand to a Kill Chop to a Heart Attack for both massive damage and massive Extreme.

While Tara is effective against single targets, she is lacking when against multiple characters at once due to her focus at dealing with one enemy at a time. However, Tara can make quite an impact in Onslaught, where Kill Chop can hit multiple enemies at once for big damage and big Extreme. Unlike characters, who will dodge away from Tara when they see her using Kill Chop, monsters are not as bright a bulb and will try to swarm her during Kill Chop, resulting in a lot of damage, a lot of Extreme and a lot more Hatchetwirls.