Characters - Alberto

Class - Illuminator

Can power up or gain new abilities as a counter while dodging

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If an enemy's attack or projectile would have hit Alberto while he is dodging he is able to use a counter ability up until the dodge ends. Pressing the cross button allows Alberto to launch horizontally to the attacker and deal double damage with his Punch Combo. Pressing the square button allows Alberto to use Light Magic to heal himself for 10 (this counts as using Photon Ray for cooldown purposes) and pressing the triangle button will have Alberto use System Shock, which sprays 16 Static bolts out around him (this counts as using Static for cooldown purposes).

Alberto's counterabilities also provide him more Extreme, as well. His Counter combo provides double the Extreme that his standard combo would, and both Light Magic and System Shock provide 10 Extreme just for being used. It should also be noted that when a counterability is able to be triggered from a successful dodge, Alberto's cooldowns for Photon Ray/Light Magic and Static/System Shock lower by 2 seconds.

Alberto's Static and System Shock deal no damage, but will Stun an enemy. Alberto's Elixir Extreme removes the cooldown on Static/System Shock, allowing him to apply Stun more frequently during this time.

Alberto's Light Magic heals him for 10 HP, while his Elixir Extreme fully restores his HP (only 100 HP if in Skirmish mode) and removes the cooldown from Photon Ray/Light Magic, allowing him to heal more frequently during this time.

Alberto's playstyle relies heavily on triggering counterabilities while dodging, providing increased damage output, versatility and Extreme gain. However, as dodges last only 40 frames and a counterability can only be triggered IF Alberto would have been hit if not dodging, the timing is very tight.

In order to effectively transition to offense using Alberto's Elixir Extreme and its removal of Photon Ray and Static's cooldowns, Alberto will need to make effective use of landing lag cancelling in order to avoid the long ending lag of both abilities and to launch several of each projectile. This technique (which requires jumping and being at a distance) can also be tricky to implement, as it opposes Alberto's standard playstyle (which requires him to be grounded and generally up close), but being able to launch a slew of projectiles in a short time that either deal 15 damage or Stun can be worth it.

Developer's Take:

Alberto is a character that has a lot of tight timing and requires a variety of tactics to use effectively, but getting it right can pay off big, with a lot of healing, stunning and solid damage projectiles in play.

Alberto's counterabilities build up his Extreme quite quickly while providing good damage, area stun, healing, and in some cases, warp escape, but Alberto generally needs to keep grounded as dodging is a requirement for his counterabilities. Once Elixir is ready, he pretty much needs to swap strategies and move from grounded defense to aerial offense, as landing lag cancelling makes his Elixir-powered Photon Rays more effective, especially since on the ground they have enormous ending lag.

Alberto has more abilities total than a majority of the cast, due to his counterabilities. Though his counterabilities are stronger, take care not to risk yourself trying to trigger them by dodging into a crowd of enemies that may or may not be in a position to throw up an attack hitbox or projectile. There are times where his standard attacks may be a safer option to utilize.